One Year In

This post is intended for one person. You will not understand anything contained within this post if you are not that person. Feel free to continue reading, but understand that I have been working on this post for the better part of 10 months with the only intention in my mind being to share this on the 1 year anniversary of Amelia Bailey changing her last name to Gross. Not disgusting. Unfortunately I grew up with that being my last name. This woman loved me enough to carry that burden as well.

A year ago today I married the most beautiful woman in the world in the most beautiful place in the world with three new friends in attendance. This time last year, Amelia met me at what was at that time my apartment, at 4:30am. Her mom was gracious enough to drop us off at McGhee Tyson Airport where we boarded a flight to Dallas, then to Reno. We arrived in Reno at 10:30am local time and headed straight to the clerk’s office to get our marriage licence. From there we were en route to Incline Village at Lake Tahoe, but not without first throwing down on some In-N-Out, which quickly became our favorite fast food eatery. (Seriously if you have never tried In-N-Out, you need to the first opportunity you have. I recommend the double double, animal style, toasted, chili’s chopped, mustard grilled. Thank me later.) Amelia you left the room almost immediately after we checked in and the hour or so that followed were nerve racking. Not because I was nervous that I was making a mistake, but rather because I had never been so sure about anything else in my life and wanted you to be my wife more in those moments than any others leading up to them. Luckily I had two incredible guys, who I felt like I had known my entire life, with me to converse with and maybe unbeknownst to them, calm me. Davey, Chef, if you two ever read this, thank you guys so much for being who you are. Your talents speak for themselves but you guys truly meant more than I believe you knew or will know during the hours leading up to me finally being able to complete the biggest decision of my life.

Now Amelia, its been 365 days. 365 of the best days of my life. You have taught me so much about myself, you have challenged me, and you have pushed me to be a better person. These are all cliches, but they couldn’t hold any more truth. I began thinking on June 20th what I might be able to do for our anniversary. I know you love getting notes, and I’m sure as I write this that I’ll end up giving you hand written notes as well, but this seemed to be more me. Writing down and sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned over the last year seemed to me to be more my style. So that’s what this is, an open love letter on our anniversary communicating to you some of the things that I’ve learned since I married you.

This is pretty self explanatory. I’ve learned that when I open a door, close it when I’m done.

I don’t understand why, but for some reason I can’t keep my “pj’s” beside the bed yet your clothes accumulate into a mound in the bathroom that requires a Sherpa to navigate. I wouldn’t want it any other way though. The few times I’ve traveled without you and spent the night away from you, I’ve looked into the bathroom of the hotel and missed seeing a week’s worth of your clothes. I’ve always neatly put my clothes away in the morning too, knowing that’s what you would do if you were with me. Now if I could just start doing that when I’m actually home…

I’m still a bit upset that you don’t let me display my mini helmet collection, but what you have done with the apartment, and the ideas you throw out when we are looking at houses are much better than anything I could think of. Granted some of your ideas are a little. . . expensive, but all in all I love what you do to the place!

I’m talking hardcore belly laughing. I’ve laughed more in the last year than I think I have my entire life prior. Sometimes its a kid blow drying his hair. Other times its because I wrote in a kids ice cream. Whether it is something you say, a comment you have, or the times I get to scare you, you are honestly one of the funniest people I know. I’m never sick because you are constantly making me laugh.

They will honestly never get old. I hate going to work in the morning, but the big hug that I get from you before I walk out the door every morning is truly a high light of my day. You never open your eyes, and that makes me laugh (see above) but I can never wait to hug you before leaving.

No couple is perfect.

Signing my name is not enough. Even with this long post, it’s all meaningless if it’s not accompanied by a card with feelings written in it. You’re the only person I do this for (everyone else can judge away) and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

While the same does not apply to you, anytime we eat out, there is an unwritten, and unspoken understanding that my plate is open to samples, and maybe even swapping with yours if you don’t like what you have ordered. This was tough to realize at first, but I’m learning to share.

I never understood, and honestly still don’t, why women love getting flowers. I never really bought them for anyone. No matter what you do, they will always end up wilting and dying. That being said, each time that I have some waiting for you at home, your face lights up and you smile as if it’s the first time you have ever gotten any. That never gets old.

This is partly because I get so excited when I am trying to surprise you I end up telling you what it is. It’s also because you are like Sherlock Holmes when you find out I’m trying to surprise you. It’s part frustrating, part cute. That’s not an excuse to keep doing it though. It’s taken a year but I have finally learned how to surprise you when I really want to, like with this post.

I have learned so much about love, relationships, you, myself, and what life really is about over the last 365 days. I could keep writing but you are currently in New Orleans (unless our ship sank) with me and I don’t want you to be on your phone any longer. The point of this entire post is to tell you that I love you. I love you more today than I did on that hillside at Logan Shoals Vista Point at Lake Tahoe a year ago, and I expect that love to only grow over the next 365 days and the days that follow beyond them. Here is to many, many more years with you by my side!



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